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Our next generation solution allows for Telehealth Virtual visits, Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management through one integrated solution.

And that can mean better outcomes for patients AND a positive ROI for your practice!


  • Studies have shown that utilizing telehealth in skilled nursing facilities improves patient outcomes and can boost your bottom line.
  • Our partner, YourDoc2U, offers an easy-to-use platform and reasonable pricing structure.
  • With an enhanced telehealth reimbursement environment, reduced hospital readmissions, and improved outcomes, positive ROI (some operators are experiencing up to 5x) can easily be achieved within the first year.

TeleHealth can be THE market differentiator for you and can also help you forge new relationships with hospitals and doctors.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

  • Through a virtual care platform, patient health can be monitored anytime, anywhere using advanced medical devices and wearables.
  • Via RPM, a sophisticated system automatically sends out alerts to each patient’s care team when health issues arise. These early alerts enable proactive interventions.
  • In many states, Medicaid reimburses for Remote Patient Monitoring as CMS moves to a preventative care model for the patients.

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

  • We are helping clinicians track their time on non face-to-face services monitor multiple chronic conditions in real time, create Care Plans specific for the patients, and capture all the work being done so care givers can get compensated faster and with better precision.
  • Better outcomes and more pay is a great combination.
  • Additional CCM services include tracking meds, scheduling care providers and managing records.
  • Reimbursement for CCM is on the rise, with Medicare Advantage, Health plans, plus Medicaid in a growing number of states.

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)

Behavioral health integration (BHI) elevates primary care with patient case management support and regular psychiatric consultation.

Eligible conditions include mental, behavioral health, psychiatric conditions, including substance abuse disorder.

With BHI, we can:

  • Enhance Care Coordination
  • Track Time
  • Offer Secure Communication

CMS states that “Integrating behavioral health with primary care is an effective strategy for improving outcomes for the millions of Americans with mental or behavioral health conditions.”

Reduce or Avoid RTH Penalties

Return To Hospitals (RTH) are a major concern for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  • A significant amount of money is at stake, as it relates to the withholding of 2% of SNFs fee-for-service Part A Medicare incentive payments.
  • CMS’ push to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions of nursing home patients has resulted in lowering a year’s worth of payments to nearly 11,000 nursing homes. One 15-home nursing home operator lost $99K over the year.
  •  CMS gave bonuses to nearly 4,000 others that showed a decline in emergency transfers.

We can help you reduce/avoid RTH penalties, earn bonuses, and provide more timely care for your residents.

Benefits of our integrated solution:

  • More positive patient outcomes
  • Greater patient satisfaction with higher quality of life
  • Fewer Return-to-Hospitals can mean CMS bonuses
  • Increased provider access
  • Provide a diverse variety of services to residents
  • Increased referrals
  • Real-time remote monitoring allows for better continuum of care
  • Chronic Care Management leads to better care plans
  • Improved outcomes for those with mental or behavioral health conditions
  • Greater compensation for the providers

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