Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) services bring mental health, psychiatric care, counseling, and addiction services together.

Benefits of BHI:

  • Empower patients to understand and manage their mental health.
  • Easily track patient progress and response to treatments.
  • Compensation for communication and coordination of patient care.
  • CMS compliance for accurate billing.

Patients who have any mental, behavioral, or psychiatric health condition are eligible to receive BHI services from their primary care providers to improve their outcomes.


Behavioral Health Integration

The BHI module in iUGO Care allows clinicians to track a patient’s behavioral health conditions and monitor their progress over time. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reimburses for 20 minutes of General BHI services.


    BHI Care Plan

    BHI activities include:

    • Behavioral health care planning in relation to behavioral and psychiatric health problems, including revision for patients who are not progressing or whose status changes.
    • Systematic assessment and monitoring, using validated rating scales.
    • Facilitating and coordinating treatment such as pharmacotherapy, counseling, and psychiatric consultation.
    • Continuity of care with a designated member of the care team.

      Secure Cloud-Based Platform

      • HIPAA COMPLIANT – Secured end-to-end with TLS and AES encryption
      • SCALABLE – Inherently scalable, architected for ease of implementation and use
      • INTEROPERABLE – Plug and play with any medical monitoring devices or clinical information systems

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