Due to the Coronavirus and its potential impact to residents, facilities that use our robust telehealth platform are taking proactive steps to prevent visitors from entering their building and potentially exposing residents.

Additionally, we have another program to aid facilities during this time of emergency.

These facilities are using our YourDoc2U telehealth platform in all their buildings as a means to enable family and friends to have visits with their loved ones.  That’s a non-billable use, but it’s a nice feature.

We will be offering FREE access to any provider who wants to utilize telehealth. We’ll waive the provider setup fee, monthly license fee, and the provider transaction fee through June1. (could be extended after that if the emergency rages on).

Telehealth can be a revenue generator and a great way to avert unnecessary Return to Hospitals. These RTHs are costly to facilities, can lead to CMS penalties, and are potentially harmful to the patient, especially during the Coronavirus emergency.

Providers also benefit from telehealth. During the emergency, many billable and non-billable tasks can be performed remotely. This helps minimize the amount of times the provider is potentially exposed to the virus.

We can get a facility onboarded fairly quickly. For more details about this program and to learn more about our YourDoc2U telehealth product for skilled nursing facilities, contact us at innovate@MedTechEvolutions.com or call us at (502) 208-4066