For patients with two or more chronic conditions, Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management allow for timely interventions by the care team to prevent costly and avoidable hospital readmissions and ER visits.

Our Reliq Health iUGO Care next-generation platform uses technology to connect providers with high-risk patients.

This platform:

  • Enables communication with patients, families, and clinicians
  • Sparks engagement with audible reminders to encourage medication adherence and self-care
  • Tracks patient health status at home and can instantly alert the care team of any issues
  • And can connect remote and homebound patients with virtual visits.

In today’s world with Covid-19, the importance of maintaining compliance with a care plan for a chronic condition is higher than ever.

Up to 75% of seniors have two chronic conditions. The average doctor practice has a high quantity of patients with two, as much as 65% of their patients.

Using cellular or wireless devices–like glucometers–patient data flows into the dashboard, and the care team is alerted to real-time conditions for the patient. If a person hasn’t tested for the glucose level is a few days, our call center will follow up with that patient.

If data demonstrates that some modification or intervention is required for a patient, the nurses/doctors can respond in an expeditious manner. 

This real-time monitoring is great for providers, who want better outcomes; for peace of mind for patients and their families; and, most importantly, a healthier life for this vulnerable senior population.