The iUGO Care next-generation platform of our partner, Reliq Health, uses technology to connect providers with high-risk patients. 

iUGO Care helps patients monitor their health status anywhere, anytime using medical devices.

With RPM, automated alerts are delivered to the care team if the
patient’s condition starts to deteriorate to enable early, proactive interventions. 

By providing connected devices to patients, we are providing the tools to succeed at managing the chronic conditions in the home with the comfort of knowing their clinician is monitoring for any issues before they become emergencies. This allows clinicians the ability to deliver quality care to a larger number of patients and tap into additional revenue sources through Medicare.

Constantly monitoring can lead to happier patients and providers!

This platform:

  • Enables communication with patients, families, and clinicians
  • Sparks engagement with audible reminders to encourage medication adherence and self-care
  • Tracks patient health status at home and can instantly alert the care team of any issues
  • Can connect remote and home-bound patients with virtual visits.
  • Reduces cost and improves client retention
  • Reduces readmissions for severe disease categories that can be monitored and stabilized at home
  • Improves timely and accurate patient information
  • Assists in managing diseases such as COPD, hypertension, CHF, diabetes and more
  • Provides preventative care before a hospital readmission becomes necessary

    Deliver proactive care and tap into additional revenue streams.

Constantly monitoring can lead to happier patients and providers!

Up to 75% of seniors have two chronic conditions. The average doctor practice has a high quantity of patients with two, as much as 65% of their patients.

Using cellular or wireless devices–like glucometers–patient data flows into the dashboard, and the care team is alerted to real-time conditions for the patient. If a person hasn’t tested for the glucose level is a few days, our call center will follow up with that patient.

If data demonstrates that some modification or intervention is required for a patient, the nurses/doctors can respond in an expeditious manner. 

This real-time monitoring is great for providers, who want better outcomes; for peace of mind for patients and their families; and, most importantly, a healthier life for this vulnerable senior population.

Multiple Device Integration

iUGO Care currently integrates with over 97% of Bluetooth, WiFi and SIM Card-enabled, wearable devices currently in the market.

Available Options:


    • Pulse Oximeter
    • Scales
    • Single Lead ECG
    • Spirometer
    • Thermometer
    • Ultrasound Device
    • Activity Tracker
    • Blood Pressure Cuff
    • Dermatoscope
    • Digital Stethoscope
    • Glucometer
    • Heart Rate Monitor
    • Otoscope with and without Lens

      Secure Cloud-Based Platform

          Secured end-to-end with TLS and AES encryption

        • SCALABLE
          Inherently scalable, architected for ease of implementation and use

          Plug and play with any medical monitoring devices or clinical information systems

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