Better outcomes for patients. Positive ROI for you.

Our technology partner, YourDoc2U, has an easy-to-use telehealth platform and an attractive pricing structure.

  • Studies have shown that utilizing telehealth in skilled nursing facilities improves patient outcomes and can boost your bottom line.

  • With an enhanced telehealth reimbursement environment, reduced hospital readmissions, and improved outcomes, positive ROI (some operators are experiencing up to 5x) can easily be achieved within the first year.

    Telehealth Brings Much-Needed Relief for the Covid-19 Crisis … And BEYOND.

    • The YourDoc2U platform will become one of your most important tools today and moving forward into the future.

    • The YD2U platform can be used by a facility’s medical staff (Medical Director, Attendings, NP’s, PA’s) to provide high-quality, device-integrated consults for them with their patients.

    • The medical staff limit their potential exposure to the virus while providing more timely and better care to your residents. This helps reduce the resident’s risk to COVID-19 exposure AND unnecessary trips to the hospital.

    • Telehealth will become the primary source when a provider cannot get to the facility or is quarantined OR when an acute situation needs to be addressed. It can also serve as a supplement to a provider’s onsite care.

      Telehealth Can Help You REDUCE Return to Hospitals (RTH)

      A Major Concern for Skilled Nursing Facilities.

      • A significant amount of money is at stake, as it relates to the withholding of 2% of SNFs fee-for-service Part A Medicare incentive payments.

      • CMS’ push to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions of nursing home patients has resulted in lowering a year’s worth of payments to nearly 11,000 nursing homes.

      • CMS gave bonuses to nearly 4,000 others that showed a decline in emergency transfers.

      Avoid RTH penalties, earn bonuses, and provide more timely care for your residents.

          TELEHEALTH: A Case Study
          Making a major impact on skilled nursing facilities.

          • One of our clients conducted a 12-month study on using our YourDoc2U telehealth platform. The results were amazing!

          • 35 RTHs were prevented.


          • 22 Referrals were confirmed because the facility had a telehealth option.


          • It helped increase occupancy by 28%.


          • And they saved significant transportation and ambulance costs.

          Best of all, with YourDoc2U, just 2 or 3 avoided RTHs lets you pay for the ANNUAL cost of our service! That means, you can see increased profits by the end of the first quarter!

          PDPM Makes Telehealth More Valuable Than Ever.

          • In rural facilities, remote telehealth is vital for wound care, psych evaluations, med management, etc.


          • In many states, Medicaid reimburses for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management as CMS moves to a preventative care model for the patients.


          • The originating site may also be paid a facility fee for hosting the telemedicine visit.

          Telehealth allows SNFs to offer better, more timely, cost-effective care..

              Rural Psych Is Huge! 

              • You can enact a weekly management program of people with psycho-social issues. Many have behavioral problems.
              • A weekly management program can provide a good analysis of the patient. They need to be seen and monitored on a regular basis.


              • Family members may also participate remotely via the platform.

              Telehealth Helps Your Family Stay in Touch.

              The HIPAA-compliant YourDoc2U platform makes it easy to connect with family, whether it’s:

              • to have a conversation with their loved one to see how they are doing,
              • being part of care plan meetings with staff and their loved one’s PCP,
              • or being a third party to an actual consult between a provider and their loved one.

                  Telehealth – A Positive Impact on Census.   

                  • Through the utilization of YourDoc2U’s telehealth platform, you can provide a diverse variety of services to your residents. 

                  • More positive outcomes, less RTHs, and better ratings, lead to more hospital referrals.

                  • This enables your facility to accept a wider range of referrals knowing you have the providers available to cover their specific needs, thus, positively impacting the census of your facility.

                    TELEHEALTH DELIVERS: A Better Quality of Life for Your Staff. More Satisfaction for Residents and Families.

                    • On nights and weekends, things happen. Your Director of Nursing or a physician, for example, can evaluate a patient remotely from their homes. Not only is the care more immediate, it provides convenience for your providers.


                    • Additionally, the satisfaction of your residents and their families will rise, as they will gladly avoid those dreaded, and often unnecessary, trips to the ER.

                        Schedule your Telehealth Demo and let us show you how simple it can be AND how it can help you, your patients and your communities.